Astrology & Intuitive Readings/Spiritual Counseling

Astrology & Intuitive Readings/Spiritual Counseling

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Empower yourself by better understanding your patterns, challenges, and intrinsic motivations. 

-The positions of the planets when we are born tell us about the energy we entered this world with and how we are designed to grow during our lifetime. 

- The current planetary positions can give us insight on what is affecting us now.

- Putting them together we get a clear picture of where to focus your energy and efforts for your personal growth towards greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.  

-Natal chart reading, focusing the planetary positions from when you were born to get to get complete overview on how you are best suited to act in different areas of your life, what you attract, and your strengths and weaknesses.

-Answer specific questions and concerns in regarding areas you are facing challenges such as career and relationships.  

-Soul's Journey Reading, focus on what patterns have been established through many lifetimes, and what it is you are here to learn now.

-Synastry, comparing two charts and seeing how they activate each other

Often we will work with a combination of the above to get the most supportive reading.

Additional Services Include

Intuitive/Tarot Card Readings

Energy Work 

Book sessions here anytime.

Sessions are 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes. You may purchase multiple sessions at a time.