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Recorded Micro Readings

Recorded Micro Readings

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Tune in to your self-care with a personalized New or Full Moon mini readings and anointing oil.

New Moon readings will be focused on manifestation for the 2 week waxing (growing) phase of the moon. 

Full Moon readings will be focused on releasing for the 2 week waning (shrinking) phase of the moon. 

Single Question or Aspect - micro readings for single questions or aspects. Ie "Tell me about my Venus", "How will this Mercury retrograde affect me", "Why am I struggling with _____ lately" "Why do I always struggle with expressing myself"

While some questions are also suited for longer readings, we get a sense of what's happening with these micro readings to help you gain insight into your inner world.

Pure single source undiluted essential oil from Wisdom of the Earth for anointing will be tuned in to your individualized astrological profile for the phase or question. 

 These highly focused specialized readings are recorded and approximately 8-10 minutes long. 

Shipping is included for oil.

Be sure to include your birthday, location, and time in the comments when ordering. Reading can be done without birth time if necessary.

Recordings will be sent via email within 48hours.