Brigid Gathering - In Person Feb 1

Brigid Gathering - In Person Feb 1

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Thursday, February 1 6:30-8pm

Embrace the magic of new beginnings at my annual Brigid Day gathering. 

Together, we'll honor Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire and transformation. 


    • Anointing rituals with potent essential oils: Awaken your senses and invite Brigid's blessings of protection and prosperity.
    • Deep meditations: Journey inwards, guided by ancient wisdom and intuition, to discover the seeds of your deepest desires.
    • Heart-centered discussions: Forge meaningful connections with fellow seekers as we share stories, ignite inspiration, and support each other's growth.

This is your chance to:

    • Stoke the fires of your own intentions: Let Brigid's potent spark ignite your passions and propel you towards your goals.
    • Welcome abundance into your life: Open yourself to the flow of prosperity, creativity, and joy.
    • Awaken your intuition: Connect with your inner wisdom and unlock your hidden potential.
    • Step into the new year with renewed passion and purpose: Emerge from this gathering empowered to create the life you dream of.

This is being held at my new creative sanctuary, located on Tatum and Bell, it is more than just an apartment. It's a vibrant hub for learning, connection, and personal transformation. With the help of amazing friends, students, and clients, it has become a sacred container of inspiration and energy, the perfect setting for our Brigid Day celebration.

Join me in and experience the magic of Brigid Day for yourself. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, deepen your spiritual practice, and set the stage for a year of abundance and fulfillment.

Limited spots are available, so register today! I can't wait to welcome you into this transformative gathering and help you ignite your intentions for a radiant future.