Collection: Scorpio

Element Water - Planet Rulers Mars and Pluto - Mode Fixed
The Scorpio archetype embodies the enigmatic essence of transformation, emotional depth, and raw power. Scorpio possesses the ability to see beneath the surface, uncovering the truths that lie hidden.


Healthy Scorpio Energy:

  • Transformative: Scorpio understands the power of personal growth embracing challenges and emerging stronger from life's shadows.
  • Embracing the Shadow: Scorpio acknowledges and integrate the shadow self, using darkness as fuel for growth.
  • Loyalty and Honesty: Scorpio is fiercely loyal once bonds of honesty and authenticity is established

Unbalanced Scorpio Energy

  • Secrecy: Unbalanced Scorpio energy can manifest as a tendency towards excessive secrecy. This can create a sense of isolation and mistrust in relationships.
  • Gripped by Intensity: The raw power of Scorpio energy can sometimes become overwhelming, leading to obsessive behavior or a fixation on negativity. 
  • From Darkness to Despair: Holding onto emotions or struggling to navigate challenges, Scorpio can become vulnerable to depression or self-destructive tendencies. 

Suppressed Scorpio

  • Attracting Negativity: When Scorpio energy isn't full expressed it attracts controlling, secretive and psychologically manipulative individuals.
  • Unexpressed Intensity: Fearing the intensity of their emotions, Scorpios might shut down or withdraw, preventing them from forming deep and meaningful connections.
  • Fear of Complexity: Negative beliefs can make Scorpios avoid the complexities of emotional intimacy, hindering their ability to experience truly fulfilling relationships.

Cultivating Healthy Scorpio

  • Embrace the Shadow: Scorpio is drawn to darkness. Acknowledge and accept all parts of yourself, the light and the dark. 
  • Welcome the Complexities of the Human Experience. Don't shy away from the raw emotions, the challenges, and the messy parts. They all contribute to your depth and wisdom.
  • All emotions are valid. Scorpios feel everything intensely. Don't judge or suppress your emotions. Allow yourself to experience them fully, whether joy, anger, grief, or fear. Avoiding being defined by or attached to them is key.
  • Engage in activities that promote emotional release. Shadow work exercises, deep journaling, or creative outlets like art or music can help you process your emotions in a healthy way.
  • Seek supportive connections. Scorpios thrive in deep and meaningful relationships. Surround yourself with people who can handle your intensity and create a safe space for you to be vulnerable.
  • Embrace your power for transformation. Scorpios are alchemists at heart. Use your emotional depth and intensity to transform challenges into growth and wisdom.


  • I accept all parts of myself with unconditional love
  • My vulnerably is my strength
  • I am a catalyst igniting transformation within myself and the world around me
  • I forgive, release and rise 

    By embracing it's emotional nature, integrating shadow, and channeling intensity in healthy ways, Scorpio can cultivate profound connections, experience the full spectrum of life, and create a life rich with transformation and meaning.

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