Katie Shell

Essential Journeying

Tools supporting you on your journey of personal growth.

By learning to trust ourselves and listen to our bodies we are able to cut out limiting beliefs that hold us back. When we understand who we are, we learn to love and accept all parts unconditionally and can rewrite the narratives that fuel many of the blockages we face. 

Gain deep awareness on your life's journey through evolutionary astrology, medicinal aromatherapy, intuitive counseling, energy work, and embodied movement. 


Thank you Katie for your love, wisdom and guidance. When you speak it feels as though you're placing flower petals all around me. I feel only love and support when you speak to me. Your voice is like that of a holy anointing, one I didn't know that I deserved. Deep humble bow.

Paula Leeper, Curandera/Traditional Medicine Woman

You made it look so clear and easy... Describing me as if you knew me better than myself.


Katie has such an amazing way of listening very deeply and for choosing the right oils to work with to support the next step in the journey. Every time I’ve had a session, things have shifted dramatically...it is like magic ;) I’m always surprised at just how much a session with her can uplift my spirit...I highly recommend getting a reiki session, super powerful! I’m so grateful to receive guidance from Katie over the years. Thank you!


Katie you are so on point. Thank you for your clear clarification and encouragement.