What Questions Can An Astrology Reading Answer?

Astrology readings can offer guidance on a wide range of life experiences! By analyzing the planetary positions at your birth and current transits, astrology can provide context for what's happening in your life.

Here are some examples:
  • Understanding yourself: Are you facing a challenge? A reading can help you understand the underlying reasons and potential pathways forward.
  • Relationships: Curious about compatibility with someone special? Astrology can offer insights into your dynamics and suggest ways to navigate your connection.
  • Career: Feeling stuck in your job? A reading can highlight areas where your skills shine and explore potential career paths.
What Astrology Readings Won't Do
It's important to understand that astrology readings are not fortune-telling. They won't tell you exactly what will happen or dictate your life choices.
What You Will Get
Your reading will provide a deeper understanding of yourself, current astrological influences, and potential areas of growth. This empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your goals and desires.
Feel free to ask anything! There are no limitations on the kind of questions you can bring to your reading. The more you share, the more insightful and personalized your experience will be.


Are You A Psychic?

I don't use the label psychic for myself. Instead, I view myself as a channel who connects with higher dimensional beings, spirit guides, and ancestral wisdom. These guides provide the knowledge that I share with my clients and students in various ways.
This approach allows me to provide a unique perspective that transcends just the traditional uses of astrology and essential oils. It incorporates a broader spiritual understanding, offering a more holistic approach to your growth.


What Role Do Essential Oils Play?

Essential oils are concentrated aromatic extracts from plants. They're created through a distillation process that harnesses the power of all four elements: earth (plants), air (steam), fire (heat), and water (cooling). This alchemical process results in a powerful tool from nature that can help us connect body and spirit.
Each essential oil has a unique chemical makeup, allowing it to vibrate at specific frequencies that resonate within us. By incorporating these oils into your practice, you can receive targeted support for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The specific oil you choose will depend on the area where you need the most assistance.


Where Do You Provide Services?

Remote Convenience: For your comfort, most readings are offered remotely via Zoom or phone, allowing you to connect from anywhere.
In-Person Experience: Seeking a personalized touch? I also have a private office conveniently located near Tatum and Bell Road (apartment number provided upon booking). Here, I offer a variety of services in a comfortable and confidential setting:
  • Astrology Readings: Gain deeper insights into your life path.
  • Reiki and Anointments: Enhance relaxation and well-being through energy healing techniques. We can also incorporate intention setting ceremonies to focus your energy.
  • Essential Oil Consultations: Explore the world of essential oils with our tester bar featuring over 200 options. Find the perfect oils to support your needs.
Mobile Services: For an additional fee and depending on your location, I may be able to travel to provide services on-site.
Arizona Biltmore's Tierra Luna Spa: I'm also the in-house astrologer at the luxurious Forbes 4 star rated Tierra Luna Spa! If you're interested in scheduling a reading during your visit to the spa, please contact them directly. Please note that pricing for spa readings differ from my private rates.