Lilith Embodied Workshop - Phoenix NEW DATE TBD

Lilith Embodied Workshop - Phoenix NEW DATE TBD

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All bodies &  genders encouraged

space is limited 

Explore your intrinsic instincts by releasing the conditioning of the mind to the wisdom of the body, creating the opportunity for greater self awareness and acceptance through discussion, meditation, and gentle movement.

We are constantly bombarded with messaging from society that our bodies are wrong creating fear and distrust of the knowledge contained within them.

Working with the energy of Lilith we are able to confront and free ourselves from this programming so that we are able to tune in directly to the wisdom within the body without guilt or shame. The energy of Lilith is a primal force within us that needs to be seen and heard in order to claim our sovereignty. When feeling trapped she can become enraged to fight and that part of us often becomes misunderstood and vilified. 

  • We will begin by creating a safe space to listen to our bodies through meditation and breathwork.
  • We will learn to trust our bodies, so we are able to be guided by them and ultimately take responsibility for how, where, and when we express our needs.
  • Your body will be supported exactly as it is right now. We can tune into our physical bodies through movement at any level of fitness ability or interest.
  • We will learn how to tap into deeply rooted anger and harness it as a tool of self-awareness
  • We will anoint ourselves with essential oils to further support us with the unconditional love of the Mother Earth and move deeper into ourselves. 
  • Participants will receive a 15 minute mini astrology reading prior to the workshop to learn about their True Black Moon Lilith placement and the energy it brings into their lives.
  • A variety of snacks to nourish your body as needed.