Magdalene Kit

Magdalene Kit

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These are the 6 oils I most associate with Mary Magdalene and makes a beautiful kit for  high vibration selfcare, and living in accordance with your soul's purpose.

Kits include

Spikenard, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Rose-mary (verbenone), and Highland Lavender 1800 essential oils and rose hydrolat (hydrosol) deluxe kit includes rose essential oil.

Introductory kit includes custom pours and bottles do not have wisdom of the earth labels.

5ml kits do not have wisdom of the earth label on the bottle of nutmeg 

1ml bottles of rose do not have Wisdom of the Earth labels

2ml bottles of rose are in 5ml Wisdom of the Earth labeled bottles, so the bottle will be less than half full 

2ml bottles includes 1oz rose hydrolat

5ml & 15ml bottles includes 4oz rose hydrolat