Live Relationship/Synastry Astrology Readings

Live Relationship/Synastry Astrology Readings

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Explore the deeper dynamics within your relationships.

This personalized reading service sheds light on the energetic connections between two people, helping you understand:

  • Core relationship dynamics: Why are you drawn to each other? What lessons are meant to be learned?
  • Individual patterns: How do your unique personalities influence the relationship

This is more than just romantic love! Relationship readings are perfect for exploring any significant connection, including:

  • Romantic partners
  • Family members (parents, children, siblings)
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

The Process:

We'll delve into each individual's astrological chart to uncover:

  • Attracted energies: What type of relationships are you naturally drawn to?
  • Personal growth: How does this relationship support your individual journeys?
  • Chart connections: How do your astrological placements interact and influence each other?

Available in person or remotely!

Choose the session length that best suits your needs:

  • 1 hour
  • 1.5 hours
  • 2 hours

For exploring connections within larger groups (3-4 people), consider our Family Dynamic Reading Package.

This reading empowers you to:

  • Develop deeper understanding and empathy.
  • Improve communication and connection.
  • Navigate challenges more effectively.
  • Foster stronger, more fulfilling relationships.